Respiratory outbreak declared at Bridgenorth daycare centre: health unit - Peterborough

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Health officials have declared a respiratory outbreak at a daycare centre in Bridgenorth, Ont.

In a letter issued to parents, Peterborough Public Health says it was advised of an “increased” number of attendees at Trent Child Care’s Bridgenorth facility who were ill over the past few days.

Symptoms reported are consistent with influenza-like illness including fever and cough, the health unit stated.

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The licenced daycare — which offers programs for youth ages six weeks to 12 years of age — is housed in a section of the Bridgenorth United Church on Charles Street, just a few metres from Chemong Public School. Some of the clients at the daycare attend Chemong Public School.

As a result, the health unit on Monday declared a respiratory outbreak at the daycare. Last week, the health unit issued a warning about the increase in student illnesses at the kindergarten to Grade 8 school.

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The daycare was closed on Tuesday as a result of the rotating strike by elementary teachers with the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.

“We have asked the staff at the daycare to enhance infection control measures including encouraging hand hygiene and to clean and sanitize commonly-touched surfaces more often,” the letter states.

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    “Peterborough Public Health will work with the facility to monitor the situation.”

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    Moria Vance, Trent Child Care executive director, tells Global News Peterborough that the outbreak involves kindergarten children in the before- and after-school programs.

    “We had approximately  20 children, out of the 100 children enrolled in our program … showing signs of the respiratory illness,” she said in an email late Wednesday afternoon.

    She said staff are ensuring extra cleaning is taking place on surfaces as well as toys.

    “Frequent hand washing is being encouraged for both staff and children,” she said.

    “A letter has been sent home from Peterborough Public Health asking families to keep their children home if unwell.”

    2:00 Protecting yourself from the flu season Protecting yourself from the flu season

    Vance noted the “good news” is that the daycare is already seeing a significant decrease in the number of children absent this week.

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    “Hopefully we are past the worst of it,” she said.

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    The health unit echoed the following steps to help reduce the spread of illness at the daycare:

    Stay home if unwell. If a daycare attendee is feeling unwell while at school, parents or guardians may be called to take the youth home. If you feel medical attention is needed, see a health care provider.Increase hand hygiene, especially after using the washroom, before eating and before preparing food.Use respiratory etiquette, including coughing into a sleeve or tissue, disposing of the tissue and then washing hands/using hand sanitizer.Get an influenza vaccination. The vaccine is available through local pharmacies and health-care providers.

    Parents or guardians with questions can contact Peterborough Public Health weekdays at 705-743-1000 x131 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.



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